Nevada mystery
June 10, 2020

The Nevada mystery of area 51

By admin

Area 51 has been the subject of various researches from decades. There are quite a lot of myths associated with this area pertaining to the aliens thought to have been trapped here. The question arises on the truth of these myths. Area 51 is an area in America where entry is forbidden except a few people. It is also known as Nevada’s Area 51 Air Force facility. It is believed that aliens stay behind its walls. Many reality shows, magazines and even online portals have continuously tried to foretaste behind its dark secrets. Although no concrete evidence have been found of the existence of extraterrestrial beings still the thrill of people continues.

Security: Nevada is a barren desert. An unmarked road leads to the front gate of Area 51. A chain of link enclosure protects the bang entrance and takes a look at trespassers. Even photography is not allowed close to it. None can understand the looking of the military base but it’s incessantly watching. Cameras are placed at every angle looking into each and every matter. On the far-away hill pinnacle, a white pickup truck with a highlighted windshield is gazing down on everything underneath. According to the local folk, the military base has the record of even a small lizard or rat that jumps over the border. Even claims regarding implantation of sensors in the approaching road has come up. What leads to mystery is this tight security from decades. Secrecy remains unresolved as to what is going on inside Area 51. However myths regarding the stuck aliens still continue. Another rumor and a very interesting one catch the eyes. According to this rumor or probably truth we do not know, a well-known Soviet airplane piloted by silent midgets crashed in Area 51 in the year 1947. This phenomenon was called the Roswell Crash. The 1969 moon landing film by American government is often believed to have been set up on this base. Whether these myths are true or not but Area 51 is very active till date. It is still a debatable issue whether aliens reside there or not but something mysterious goes on inside for sure and entry is forbidden except a few prime members. Aerospace author and historian Peter Merlin remarks that due this forbidden aspect of the area, suspicions arise.

Origin of the secrecy: This area developed during the making of U-2 reconnaissance airplane. Soon after World War II America lowered down the iron exports from rest of the world. Further frequent air attacks like the backing of South Korean invasion in June 1950 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor increased the intensity of this myth.

Reasons to believe the existence of Aliens: There can be various reasons but the most popular and important reasons are as under:

  • In earlier times US sent low flying aircrafts over USSR at a continuous risk to being shot down.
  • In November 1954 U-2 program spacecraft was launched by President Eisenhower for secret missions. During the testing of the plane, it crashed down in Area 51.
  • Area 51 has always been an important gunnery for Army Air Corps Pilots.
  • After this incident, Area 51 became top secret military base. It was also named as Paradise Ranch.

Why this Myth: This myth mainly originated due to U-2 test in July 1955. After this people saw flying aircrafts and also sights of objects that cannot be identified. Almost all these flying objects were testing aircrafts. Normally this occurred because half of the population had not seen flying vehicles as high as U-2. U-2 was at an altitude of 60000 feet whereas normal jets only at 40000 feet. So this was mistaken as alien spacecrafts. The air force people knew about this but they were not allowed to tell. Even an aircraft was shot down in Russia.

Technology: The U-2 stopped testing in the late 1950s but undisclosed operations continued in Area 51. Many aircrafts like TCIT BLUE have been tested over the Nevada dessert. In spite of these revelations alien myths continue to exist and in an interview Bob Lazar who was a worker on the Nevada base said that he had seen aliens and they are been used for technological progress. But this has been disputed by many. According to many scientists, this is earth technology and not aliens.

Truth behind this myth: Area 51 is a very dynamic area even now. In terms of Google Earth in this site constructions and developments are taking place. The bizarre lights spotted on the sky in the morning is semi-direct contract commuter airline call signal named Janet and not any UFO. It is used to transport labor from McCarran airport to Nevada base. Till date no specific account has been found but according to Merlin maybe they are engaged in developing new weapons, warfare technologies and mainly airborne vehicles. According to him it’s human nature to be imaginative.

 The mystery still remains unresolved. Perhaps in near future we will come to know whether these are fairy tales or truth. For more such breathtaking and bizarre articles keep following us. We will be back with more such uncanny stuffs. Stay safe.