June 26, 2020

What if we are the aliens on earth

By admin

Have you ever wondered the possibility of us being the so called aliens on earth? What if we are only the aliens we have been so fascinated about? The concept of aliens is not a new one. It dates back to the ages of ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mesopotamia. There were many figurines resembling the aliens excavated from these civilizations.

To put it in one frame, after a certain period of time civilizations destroy naturally as we have seen in the past. So it is likely that this civilization will cease one day even. This occurs due to the rapid technological advancements in every epoch. Humans become more dependent on machines and detached with the nature. They start to misuse nature and it’s forces. We all are aware of the fact that nature takes care of its own. Thus these highly developed civilizations are destroyed by nature through natural calamities.

The idea behind aliens: Now the possible question that arises is who are these aliens? The aliens are nothing but extra-terrestrial beings or the residents of different planets. Just like our earth is a planet, there are numerous planets in the solar system. So these aliens are the dwellers of different planets who might have come to earth or will come to earth. As we have already mentioned that civilizations are subject to destroy with time. According to a recent report NASA is setting up space colonies where they will send human beings to stay and research. So does this mean that these scientists or humans who go up in space to live and come back after ages will be the so called aliens!!!! Well this is a great drive of science and we may as well go up and start living in space in the near future. According to certain researchers, earth will cease to be a peaceful dwelling place for the homo sapiens in the near future. So humans might start living in space. And moreover human wants are never ending so that is also a possible reason that humans might start living in space.

With the passage of time the present civilization will destroy just like the primal civilizations. With it all the technological advancements will be lost as well. But earth will still continue to exist and new civilizations will form.

These civilizations will have to start innovation from the core level as all scientific advancements will be lost. Then these space humans might be fascinated to come back on earth and explore this new civilization. When they come back after ages, the primal people will take them as supernatural beings because they will be much advanced and the works done by them would seem like magic to these less advanced people. These space humans will be impossible to kill or defeated and will be able to time travel. They will remain at a young age even when the dwellers of earth will grow old and die. Confused?? Let’s look into how time goes on in space.

Time in space: Time in space goes on much slower than earth due to the lack of gravitational force. According to reports humans might set up colonies far away from earth about double the distance of the earth and the sun. So time there will go on slower like described in the Puranas as one day in abode is 1 year in earth. So these space humans will Live much longer and not grow in age compared to residents of earth. Thus the primal civilizations will think them as Gods or aliens. And from here all the concepts of aliens originated. This is possible as time is a never ending wheel that rotates.

The concept of Time Rap: Time is a cycle that keeps rotating. Whatever happened in the past will again happen in future and vice versa. Humans who went up in space long back would come down in future and help the humans on earth with scientific technologies and again take them through the journey of ancient to modern world. They will teach new technologies and probably again this present world will come up in which we are living now. A few of these space humans will continue living on this earth and alien-human hybrids will come up quite similar to the concept of demi-gods who were the human-god hybrids like Arjuna or Karn from Mahabharata. These progenies will come up again having greater power than humans. And thus everything will rotate in a same manner. To understand this more deeply we must look into the ancient civilizations and their concept of aliens.

A drive into the ancient world: The ancient civilizations were known for their advancements in every field and even the modern science is sometimes awe-struck at their advancements. For instance, the magnificent monuments built during the pre-historic era is a great budge of science. The Egyptian pyramids have a huge physics of reverse relativity behind them. Many scholars including Daniken argued that such technology was not possible during that era and it might be the help from outer space. The Sumerians had a contact with aliens ages before whom they took to be gods. The Sumerian gods resemble modern day astronauts as argued by Daniken in his book “ Chariots of the God.” In one of our previous article we have given a detailed account of the ancient civilizations and the arguments by the researchers like Daniken. But whatever may be the consequences it is the humans teaching humans. Developed humans teach less developed humans. We have seen in Mahabharata how the Pandavas and Kauravas were test tube babies and even asexual reproduction was quite common in humans which cannot be replicated even today. And another possible concept can be as we know that expeditions to other planets like Mars have taken place. So for the people residing in other planets we can be the so called aliens. And moreover we are the descendants of these ancient people and the developed civilizations in which these human god hybrids were quite common. Many such figurines and accounts have been excavated resembling aliens and space ships for instance the Nazca lines are also argued by some scholars as the runaways of ancient space crafts. So by this the concept of time Rap is again brought back and we are driven back to the ancient world making a journey to the modern world.

So who knows maybe we are the so called aliens on earth!!! And might be in the near future we help the primal civilizations to be technologically advanced!! Quite interesting!! Isn’t it?? We will be back with more such jaw dropping articles till then stay safe and keep brooding!!!