Belobog- Chernobog
July 2, 2020

Belobog- Chernobog

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Welcome back to Today we will speak about one of the important characters from the Marvel series. Exited?? Well the Marvel series is the most celebrated superhero movies. But do you know that most of the characters of the Marvel comics have been adapted from the Slavic mythology?! You guys must remember Chernobog who is the bearer of dark forces and later has a duel with Thor. He is one of the Slavic gods often called the opposite of Belobog. He is also associated with the Zorya sisters who are the two guardian goddess of the Slavic mythology. He is also a part of a few famous games. In GTA new version, Chernobog is the name of the missile vehicle. He is the main character in the game Chernobog Smite where he is a powerful hunter character. In the Persona game series, Chernobog is the eight Persona of the death Arcana and is called “The Black Avenger” found in the depths of Mementos as a shadow. So this journey is about the most celebrated gods of the Slavic culture, Belobog and Chernobog. So are you ready to learn the history of these famous transmedia characters?!! Let’s begin. Happy reading!!!

History: Belobog is also known as the white god. He is a representation of light and sun. Contradictory to his image, Chernobog is the black god. Tough it remains a mystery as this deity was ever worshipped in the Slavic mythology. History lacks accounts of worship for Chernobog. These two dirties were duals and were portrayed together. Belobog is also known as Bilbog or Belbog. German monk Helmond described that the Slavic tribes were polytheists. He mentions in his book Chronica Slavarom that the Slavs praised the good white god for positive occurring and the black dark god for negative occurring. According to certain scholars Chernobog was the evil god and Belobog was the good god. The study of a number of Slavic toponyms have names of Belobog and Chernobog. This further supports the dualism theory. In Serbian language, Belobog is mentioned as the white god. Bulgarian and Macedonian language also describes Belobog as the white lord.

Slavic Dualism: In the theory of Slavic Dualism the colour black and white is associated with good and evil. From other sources, the Slavs had Svetovid as their primary deity represented with a white horse.  Similarly the deity Triglav was signified with a black horse. They were not considered as an evil deity. Many scholars have put forth the view that whether Chernobog and Belobog were actual gods or simply the name of other Slavic deities.  Jan Peiskar studied the Slavic typonyms more closely. He mentioned that more than thirty of these had inscriptions showing dark forces on one side and light or good forces on the other. These can also be linked with the Zoroastrian mythology of the ancient Iranian cultures. Two sides of the river worshipped a white god called Ahura Mazda and the other side worshipped evil forces called Ahiriman. The Slavic cultures were quite similar to the Iranian religion and the Indo European cultures. Even their language matches the Zoroastrian and Indo European dialect. Further the two aspects of the god have been questioned quite a few times. According to Veseline Cajkanovic every mythology has two opposite characters. This is quite similar to Dazbog of the Russian mythology. This can also be related to underworld representative of darkness. In Russian mythology Perun was the god of high mountain peak and vales of underworld. Christianity shadowed the Slavic religion under its features. In Christian beliefs the good god was the heavenly saints or the Christian deity. The evil force was the devil or Saturn.  Thus with the advancement of Christianity, the Slavic beliefs were kind of altered. The concept of hell and heaven came up symbolic to the black and white god of the Slavic mythology. According to Greek legends two faces namely the sad and the happy faces exist. The happy face is indicated with white colour and the sad face with the black colour.

The cosmic science behind it: The advancements of the Slavic people sometimes can leave you awestruck. They were well developed in Cosmology and knew that two forces exist in the universe. One force destroys and the other force creates. They worshipped nature forces. These two opposite forces governs the whole cosmos. Humans have sad and happy times. This idea was behind the concept of two opposite force deities. Thus it’s high time we must be proud of our ancient earth.

In Modern age: The advancement of Artificial Intelligence has fostered the adaptation of the ancient deities into films. As we have already mentioned that Chernobog was adapted as a character in Marvel series with the help of virtual reality. In various games he was also adapted. The advancement of VR in movies and online gaming have preserved the ancient civilizations beyond expectations. Hopefully in the near future we would have more AI films coming up with these mythological characters. The portrayal of Chernobog in Marvel is quite praiseworthy. He is represented as a powerful character who is the ruler of evil forces. He is here the duel to Thor. The work of VR is commendable in this series.

So this was the anecdote of two popular dieties of the Slavic mythology. They have been adapted in your favourite Marvel series. Hope these gave you an insight into who they actually were. We will see you soon with more such unknown articles. Take care and stay safe.