New Mexico
July 31, 2020

The Holy Dirt of Chimayo, New Mexico

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Did you know what does Chimayo mean and why Chimayo is known as a holy place? It is basically a hill in New Mexico. The Holy Dirt of Chimayo has a relieving power. Want to know more about this place? Keep reading this article!

Holy dirt is used for healing your body. It is the trust of Native Americans that you can take some Holy dirt and simply rub in your body or spread it on your food to get the result. There’s a story behind New Mexico’s Holy Dirt!

Know the story behind this miracle dirt of Chimayo! Let’s begin! The place was regarded as Holy pilgrimage after a mystery happened. In 1810 the miracle happened on Good Friday. That day a group of men was standing on a hilltop at night and they were busy talking with each other. Suddenly they saw a strange light gleaming from the distance. After searching that place they locate a wooden half-buried crucifix. They informed their nearest Church and the priest carried that along with him but the next day they found the Crucifix missing and was found in the same place where it was first discovered. They tried but failed to keep it in the Church. From then this land was regarded as a Holy Place. A shrine was build around this Crucifix a few years later. Now there is a small hole which is filled with Holy dirt. This shrine was named as El Santuario de and each year people from every part of the world visit this Church to get the Holy dirt! It was believed by the people that in this place the Crucifix were placed. Every year around 300,000 people visit this sacred place of Chimayo. People make pilgrimage mostly during Holy week on Good Friday and Holy Thursday. Many people walks hundreds of miles to visit this place.  

El Santuario de Chimayo a little Church in Mexico was found during 1816 with many healing powers, but in 1929 it was given to the Roman Catholic Church.

There are some Suggestions for the Use of Holy Dirt!

If you believe in this concept then calm your mind and listen to God. Accept your mistake and acknowledge your weakness, illness etc. Believe in God and pray to give his love, strength, healing power. Share your wishes and what you want from him. Keep faith and make your heart strong to face any good or bad situation. Rub yourself gently with El Santuario de Chimayo’s Holy Dirt or splash it on the body part you need to heal. While rubbing the dirt call the name of Jesus as your rescuer. 

Make your Next Trip to Chimayo! How to Get to Chimayo, New Mexico?

Chimayo is 22 miles away from Santa Fe. Spend some days at Santa Fe and visit the museums, beautiful sceneries. Explore the city then move towards New Mexico. Make your next destination to some spots of Chimayo. Visit El Santuario de Chimayo Church. You’ll get available hotels there. Try famous cuisines by dining at traditional restaurants. Visit these spots at Chimayo as well:

  • Chimayo Museum: The Museum is situated in Plaza del Cerro. The Museum offers venue for many occasions. There were articrafts, old pictures etc. Visit this museum to experience the history of this place
  • Rancho De Chimayo: A beautiful restaurant which is very peaceful and will offer you some amazing cuisine. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very beautiful
  • Cetinela Traditional Arts: It is a tapestry gallery. Here you’ll get hand woven wool items, custom-dyed yarns, wedding blankets etc
  • Ortega’s Weaving Shop: You’ll get the most authentic New Mexico’s collections here like hand weaving products, Vests and coats, Rugs, Blankets, Accessories etc
  • Santa Cruz Lake: It is located 30 miles away from Santa Fe. Must visit this place and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of this area  
  • Another famous religious site named Santo Nino Chapel: It is another well known religious site like El Santuario de Chimayo’s Holy Dirt. It was constructed as a traditional New Mexico style of Northern Part 
  • El Potrero Trading Post: This store is best for good quality religious articles. Some famous products of this store are Chile, food items, beautiful jewelry items such as hand amulets, earrings, necklace, turquoise rosaries etc  
  • Trujillo’s Weaving Shop: It is an amazing shop where you can customize your weaving items, variety of rugs. Pueblo potteries, extra ordinary jewelry pieces are amazing there