July 30, 2020

The Surprising Spiritual Mecca of Crestone, Colorado

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Crestone is a small town situated in Colorado. It is known as a statutory town. Colorado is the most spiritual place in America. If you’re interested in knowing more about this place go ahead with this article. Let’s begin!

The town of Crestone consists of around 150 people and the whole country consists of around 6,100 people. Though the number of population is less there but you’ll get people of various religions here, they showed their faith in several spiritual traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Native American traditions, Various New Age beliefs etc. Firstly Crestone was known as a mining town after that it became the centre for ranching. A few years later there was a huge change, Crestone became a spiritual place where more than two dozen Ashrams, Temples, Monasteries, Stupas, Sacred Lands, Labyrinths, Retreat Centers, Ziggurat exists. The place is very beautiful having an elevation of around 2,415 m and extreme weather/temperature prevails there.

Want to know the story why it is called spiritual? Here it is!

A Canadian Businessman named Maurice Strong and his wife Hanne Marstrand Strong invested in a large area of land in Crestone zone. The land was divided into pieces for the retirement community. Later they changed their decisions because they heard some spiritual characteristics about this land and they reach a conclusion. They donated their free land areas to the religious groups. The religious groups are ready to build centers there. This place attracts many spiritual lovers or seekers. Some Spiritual Retreat Centers in Colorado are:

  • Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang
  • Dharma Ocean Foundation
  • Crestone Mountain Zen Center
  • Chamma Ling Retreat Center
  • Shumei International Institute
  • Shambhala Mountain Center
  • Sophia Peace Center
  • Sunrise Ranch

These are some spiritual communities in Colorado

Did you know the name of most authentic or real hippie/bohemian towns in Colorado?

  • Crestone: The details of this town have been mentioned above. Crestone is about 74.92 miles away from Colorado
  • Manitou Springs: This small city is famous for its mountain landscapes. This town is a tourists spot and known for its mineral springs. The elevation of this city is around 1,954 m and the population is around 5,346
  • Paonia: Paonia is also known as a statutory town having an elevation of around 1,732 m and population of this town is 1,462
  • Crested Butte: This is one of the best towns to live in Colorado. Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Schools are available here. Crowd is less there. The elevation of this place is 2,715 m and population of around 1,681  
  • Nederland: Elevation of this statutory town is about 2,508 m and population is around 1,547. This place is a hangout destination and is very affordable
  • Ridgway: This town has some creative features. They keep some cultural assets and have arts. There is a live session of music and arts, crafts on every Friday. Elevation is around 2,129 m and consists of 1,016 population 
  • Carbondale: This town also has artistic cultures. Every month the first Friday is dedicated for music and art sessions. Population: 6,879 and elevation: 1,884 m. The place has beautiful sceneries, also offers outdoor recreation such as fishing, biking, hiking, hunting etc.     

Things to do in the town of Crestone, Colorado!

Few best places to visit at Crestone are Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Crestone Artisans Gallery, Crestone Mountain Zen Center, Ziggurat, Crestone Mahalakshmi Temple, Desert Sage Restaurant, Elephant Cloud Market, Kit Carson Peak, Challenger Point, The Cloud Station etc.

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