August 27, 2020

Vishwamitra – The Man who dared to challenge the Gods!

By Nilakhi Banerjee

The stories of Vishwamitra’s quality of extending a helping hand to all and sundry. Who approach him for help is a warning to those who are doing sincere sadhana to realise the highest goal. The obstacles can come in any form. The rishis and brahmanas accepted the request of Vishwamitra to do a fire sacrifice to help the king of the Ikshwaku dynasty. Trisanku, ascend heaven directly even though he had lost all his lustre. Of a Kshatriya king owing to the curses of Vasishtha’s sons.

When it was time for the gods to come and take their share of the sacrifice at the close of the yagna, none came. If they had come and accepted the offerings, the yagna would bear fruit and Trisanku would ascend heaven in his gross physical body, which had been rendered even more impure by the cures. Vishwamitra was very angry and he used the power of his own austerities to make Trisanku enter heaven. He lifted the ladle used for offering ghee into the yagna and commanded Trisanku to enter heaven. Trisanku began ascending when Indra stopped him and said, “You have the curse of your teacher on you. You have no place in heaven. Go back to earth.”


Trisanku shouted out for help to Vishwamitra, and began falling towards the earth. Enraged, Vishwamitra commanded him to stop where he was. With the power of his tapas, he created another universe with all the planets, a sun, the Saptarshi Mandala and the other constellations. In raging anger, a whole parallel universe appeared in the southern direction. Out of anger, he created gods too and planned to create an Indra also. “If it does not happen, let my world be without an Indra,” he commanded. Seeing the sage’s anger, the gods and rishis adopted a conciliatory tone, “O sage, you know that Trisanku has lost all his goodness owing to his teacher’s curse.

He does not deserve to enter heaven physically.” Hearing this, Vishwamitra cooled down a little bit and said. “If that be so, grant it that Trisanku may remain the way he is now. And let the universe created by me ever remain. As long as this big universe created by Lord Brahma exists. So be it, said the gods and Trisanku exists in the same way. Head downward, surrounded by the universe and constellations created for him. The story is a symbol of wasted efforts. When the proper rules of good behaviour and propriety are not followed. And yet if the person hankers after success, he may seem to get it, but it is not complete. 

Science behind this:

It is nothing new as far as creation of a new universe is concerned.  Its state is already present beforehand.  It is beyond the visible and day to day experience.  But it definitely does exist.  Its power has been understood but none are brave enough to execute it because if one tampers with it, the entire map of the world will change.

The challenger of an atom is anti-atom, that of matter is anti-matter and that of the world is anti-universe.  Its existence has been accepted by material scientists.  It walks alongside us like the shadow of our body.  Its balanced like the 2 pans of a weighing scale and like the 2 wheels of a cycle and thus the form of the visible universe has remained the same since time immemorial.  It is because of this that objects rotate on their own axis and latch on to their individual status.  The world arrangement continues as before wherein smaller units circumambulator of greater powers.

The gravitational force of earth along with its magnetic force is not due to its daring or rotational movement.  But the latest belief is that when objects like anti-world (a parallel of the world) rotates, these 2 forces manifest which not only rotates the earth but creates a protective covering on it so that radiations from inter stellar space do not pierce and enter the earth’s atmosphere. As of now this anti-force is like a shadow but assuming that this anti-universe comes forward and that our present universe turns into a shadow, the situation will be such that everything will be new.  Material objects will be new, creatures will be new, humans will be new and one’s character and general trend of life too will be new.

The Truth:

The truth is that none is greater than man.  It is true that God made man but even this precept is not wrong that man made God.  Apart from human beings no other creature accepts the existence of God.  Only man understood God and thus created God’s name and form according to the capacity of his imagination. Many a times our planet earth changes its axis.  But if one gauges it aptly and some human being goes there so as to attack it with his fist, the earth will change its orbit and just as today wherein one year constitutes 365 days, (one day is of 24 hours), will not remain as it is and will become more or less.  Not only this but even the temperature will increase/decrease and the situation will become very chaotic.

Kundalini Shakti:

If at present any gigantic transformation has to take place, it will only be on the basis of austerity power.  The cosmic will power, desire power and action power that empowers one’s personality with might can attract desired success very easily.  Amongst all human powers, Kundalini Shakti is supreme.  It also dwells in the genital region of Mooladhar Chakra and helps in augmenting one’s lineage.  It is definitely a wonder that with the help of a little drop of semen a new living being comes into existence.  But this is limited only to the bodily boundary.

When this power via spiritual practices is made all pervasive in the cosmos then it topsy turvys the mental state of all beings so as to make it something great.  It can transform an era and like Vishwamitra create a new universe.  History says that due to the attack of this vital electricity, genes too can be mutated.