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June 28, 2020

The life beyond earth

By admin

Aliens have always been associated with numerous mysterious occurring. People have always been fascinated about extra-terrestrial life and how to find them. Many virtual reality and artificial intelligence films have constantly featured aliens as having supernormal powers who look quite different from humans, probably you guys will remember Jaadu from Koi Mil Gaya. Nevertheless excitement still continues and it is still a mystery as how aliens look or does life exist beyond earth. In this article we will try to figure out some interesting facts about the aliens. Happy reading!!!

Not only common humans but even the scientists have always tried to find out the secret behind aliens. According to National Geography life beyond earth exists. So let’s look into the science of aliens.

National Geography: Well so national geography here gives us some very interesting facts. With new age telescopes, tiny space probes scientists are ready to drive into extra-terrestrial life. According to recent foundations planets known as hot super earths exists which are so hot to be a lava lake. There a year lasts less than a day. Even during the mid 1990s we never knew any planets apart from our solar system. Recently space science have found out the existence of 4000 exoplanets. Among which the first exoplanet that is 51 peg left everyone in a surprise. It could revolve around its star in just four days.  It was discovered by the Kepler space telescope. Recent findings have shown that there are more planets than the stars. About a quarter of these planets are equal to the size of the earth where habitat can easily exist that is it is neither too hot not too cold. There are 100 billion stars in the Milky way which means that at least in 25 billion places life can easily exist in our galaxy alone. And just imagine our galaxy is just one among the trillion galaxies in this universe!!! So it’s no doubt that extra-terrestrial life exists, only the time awaits when we can get hold of it.

NASA: NASA has been working effortlessly in astrobiology. They have been constantly searching on habitat outside earth. They have even set up space stations where humans will be sent to find out about intelligent life in the universe. They are setting up space colonies where researchers can stay and continue their research. They are visualising of setting up space colonies double the distance of the earth from the sun. This is mainly because different areas on space have different time zones. According to records time goes on slower in space. This is due to the lack of gravitational force. So hopefully in the near future we will probably have TV interviews with the aliens!!!

The Nevada controversy: The mystery of area 51 have always kept all people at the height of controversies. According to some, the area contains aliens. It is believed that aliens have been locked up inside for scientific gains. Even a few lights were seen which were interpreted to be alien spaceships. One of the workers at the base suggested that he has seen aliens. However according to reports it’s a top secret military base where scientific operations go on. We have given a detailed article on the Nevada mystery a few days ago. So if you haven’t read it, just give it a read. But whatever may be the outcome, something truly mysterious goes on inside the Nevada base.

Covid 19 and aliens: Well this is very interesting. Corona virus has no connections with space life. It is purely a terrestrial virus. But NASA is planning to send space ships to Mars in search of microbial life. According to NASA, microbial life can exist in Mars as water has been found there. So they are planning to bring these microbes on earth. Research would be conducted on the possibility of corona virus existence in other planets. Well this a much far way to go but we can certainly hope to find extra-terrestrial existence. Probably Covid 19 affected them too!!!! Who knows?!!

The idea of Space-humans: Many great scholars have put forth the view that aliens are nothing but humans who went up in space long back. Now this is a very thrilling matter to focus on. Numerous times, the view that aliens want to establish contact with the earth came up. These were much researched and many unknowns were discovered. The Nazca lines, pyramids of Egypt and such things were interpreted to be alien built with alien contacts. Many scholars are of the view that since time is a rotating cycle, ages before advanced humans went up in space to form colonies as of now. Eventually time waves destroyed the civilizations on earth and new settlements came up. Probably then these space humans who hadn’t grown much in age due to the slower time cycle in space, came up. They taught the primal people new technologies and again drove the time car from the ancient to the modern age. Since they were quite advanced, perhaps the ancient world thought them to be aliens or Superhuman beings. Isn’t the idea quite similar to modern day aliens portrayed in movies with supernormal powers?!!! And this is quite analogous to the fact that if today we go up in Mars, perhaps we would be the so called aliens. Aliens are nothing but outer space beings who live in a different planet. So who knows perhaps it is our ancestors trying to make contact with us!!!!

Concluding thoughts: There are lot of theories involved behind the concept of aliens. We have given a detailed account of the same in our previous write ups. So give those a read to find out the unknowns. To conclude the aliens still remain a mystery but it’s quite believable that they exist. Who knows maybe we are the descendants of aliens!! And we are only these aliens, which have been a constant source of mystery for us!!!

So keep waiting for more such interesting science facts. We will again come up next day with more such unknown stuffs. Till then don’t forget to read our previous articles if you haven’t yet read it. So what are you waiting for, go and read!!! Stay safe and take care.