What is Bhramastra
June 29, 2020

What is Bhramastra?

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Bhramastra was a superpower weapon used in the battle of Mahabharata and in the Puranas. It had the capability of destroying the whole earth and causing huge destruction. It was created by Lord Brahma. It’s always very interesting to unveil the science of ancient ages. And trust us, this will make you jump from your seats!! So give this a read to find out about the most destructive celestial weapon of the times. Do you know Brahmastra still exists!!! Happy reading.

Mythology: Brahmastra is a fiery weapon which destroys all vegetation. According to legends only a selected few had the hold of this weapon. In Valmiki Ramayana, lord Rama uses Brahmastra to kill Ravana. Even mountains would shatter by its use. There was no rain for twelve years where this weapon struck. The Brahmastra has a few variants. The Bhramashira Astra or Brahma’s head weapon was four times stronger than the normal Brahmastra. It had four heads of Brahma in its front. This weapon was even used by Arjuna and Ashwathamma who were later stopped by Narada. This weapon had the power to destroy the whole world. Brahmarishi Visvamitra used it on Maharishi Vaishta but it got swallowed by his Brahmanda Astra. It was even used on Hanuman by Indrajeet but due to the boon by Brahma, Hanuman was saved. Legend has it that Rama aimed it at Samudra Dev to make path in sea for Lanka. Soon Samudra Dev arrived and pleaded for mercy. Since this weapon was charged towards Dhrumatulya Which is modern day Rajasthan. The whole area was devoid of vegetation and became a desert. According to Puranas Brahma lost his fifth head while fighting with Shiva. The destructive power of all five heads of Brahma lies in this weapon. According to Hindu mythology it had the power of destroying the fourteen realms of the universe at once. Even the corpses would get burnt beyond recognition. Hairs and nails from the corpses dangled to the ground. Even the fauna turned white.

The concept of Narayanastra: Brahmastra can be modified by Krishna as well. The idea of Narayanastra is similar to the bio weapons used these days. It is analogous to the Brahmastra. During the battle of Mahabharata, Awasthama used it on the Pandava forces. Krishna who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu asked all the warriors to drop their weapons and bend down before the Astra and eventually they are saved. It can be used only once and it rains all weapons including chakra. Aren’t the bio weapons similar? Once its shot, it expands from a single point. Brahmastra can be neutralized by Narayanastra. Awasthama killed the Pandava sons in camp while asleep. Raged Bheema and Arjuna tried to find him. He in fear hid in Vyasa’s ashram. Krishna knew about it and they headed there to kill him. Awasthama to protect himself shot the Brahmastra at them. Arjuna also shot his Brahmastra in return. Krishna knowing the damage it will cause asked Vyas dev to stop the weapons. The great sage stopped them on the way. Krishna then asked both Arjun and Awasthama to withdraw their weapons. Arjun did it but Awasthama said that he only knew how to throw it. Then Krishna requested Brahma to take back his weapon. However, Brahma said that it can only be taken back after targeting a Pandava. So the Astra was aimed at Uttara’s womb who was pregnant with Abhimanyu’s child. This resulted in her giving birth to a dead child whom Krishna revived. He was named Parikheet who later became the last King before the advancement of Kali Yuga. Awasthama was cursed by Krishna to continue living on this earth and bear it’s sins. Thus such was the destructive power of Bhramastra much similar to modern day nuclear weapons. During the recent testing of the Manhattan project, when the first denotation of the nuclear weapon took place, Jein Robert Oppenheimer exclaimed the versus from Gita, “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendour of the mighty one .I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

 Science behind this weapon: Do you know that the word Brahmastra means missile weapon?? It is quite similar to modern day nuclear weapons which cause huge destruction. Once Brahmastra was discharged, it could not be returned back. Aren’t the modern day atom bombs similar?!! It could only be used once in a day and never missed its target. Even rivers dried up. The same thing happened during the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Till today they are suffering from its side effects. Though according to most people, atom bombs is completely a new innovation of science. The ancient civilizations had no clue of thermonuclear weapons. But the studies of Brahmastra have proven them wrong. The ancient civilizations were much more advanced and more powerful nuclear weapons existed. Even they mastered the science of turning down this weapon by neutralizing it. Once Karna used an equally powerful weapon to turn down Arjuna’s Brahmastra. Though modern science has also found out ways of neutralizing atom bombs but it’s a risky and expensive procedure. It caused destruction equal to hydrogen bombs. By this it’s clear that whether science or mythology, the ancient people were great engineers. To make this more clear let’s see how nuclear weapons work!!

Working of nuclear weapons:  Atom bombs or nuclear weapons are made by uniting chemical explosives. It works on the principle of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The atomic materials are compressed causing fission. This fission then creates huge amount of energy in the form of X-rays creating high temperature and pressure. This ignites fusion. This is why it burns down vegetation and destroys environment. Isn’t it similar to the working of Brahmastra?? Well the answer is yes. Brahmastra was the deadliest weapon of all times. And guess what? It also used the process to atomic fission to achieve its aim. It used the rays of the sun on the orbit of the moon. So definitely nuclear weapons existed in the past and it is not a new budge of science!! So we guess it’s high time, we start taking pride in our culture.

So whatever may be the consequences, nuclear weapons have always caused great destruction. It should never be used as it destroys nature. But definitely our ancestors were great scientists and we must respect them. Stay tuned for more informative articles. We will come back soon. Till then stay safe and happy!!!