June 7, 2020

Gods and Aliens

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Do Aliens really exist? Are Gods connected with Aliens?
Well this is quite a debatable topic but a number of evidences proof their existence.

They are often referred to as ‘Ancient Astronauts’ or ‘Ancient Aliens’. Some people argue that intelligent extraterrestrial beings existed on this earth few thousand years ago. Well we can find evidence of these in the folklores and the magnificent monuments built during the pre-historic era. It is quite likely that these extraterrestrial beings or aliens existed or probably came to earth. The monuments built quite several years back in ‘Staya Yug’ or before could not have possibly been built with the limited resources humans had. These require high skills and technological advancements which could have been brought by these aliens. It can be that they created these or would have given humans such powers by which they created. In this context we can refer to Lord Shiva who has neither a beginning nor an end. He is argued in some theories as being an alien. Even in the ‘Purans’ and in certain devotional songs he is often referred as ‘Yakhsraj’. These ‘Yakshas’ said to have existed in earth during its origin. They were certainly living beings but not humans. We have no clue of Shiva’s parentage or his childhood. It is said that he was self created. According to certain theories it is believed that the coming of these aliens was interpreted by ancient people as something divine. In Italy a Petro glyphs was found from Val Camonica which had the picture resembling the modern astronauts. To have a deeper insight into this we can look into a few evidences and common folklores supporting these.
Ancient astronaut hypothesis often argues that human beings are descendents of these extraterrestrial beings. This arises from the view of the existence of similar worlds. According to Copernicus theory the earth revolves around the sun with other planets which maybe other worlds. Recent research have proofed that previously human like figures might have existed on Mars and on Moon. These can be referred to as aliens who somehow have gone extinct. Extraterrestrial intelligence has a close connection with Artificial Intelligence. According to a theory these aliens might have come to earth in search of raw materials but was unable to do all the work alone and so they created ‘Homo Sapiens’ by genetically mixing their genes. A quite similar idea is of the robots humans create today. In the ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal engravings show an ancient alien like figure further suggesting that these aliens might have come to earth long back. They are believed to have built the Egyptian pyramids and the Moai stone heads of the Easter Island or helped humans to build them. An Alien like figurine from Japan dated 1000-400 BCE was discovered further propounding the idea of extraterrestrial visitors.
Carl Sagan in his book ‘Intelligent Life in the Universe’ gives an encounter of the French explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup with the aliens. It was one of the earliest contacts of the Europeans and the Tlingit. It has been preserved as an oral tradition among the Tlingit people. Though it remained a cultural and religious paradigm but Sagan argues that in certain cases these kinds of contacts can be possible.
Von Daniken in his book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ have argued that few artifacts require more technological skills to construct than human beings normally have. According to him these were created either by the aliens or by humans who acquired power from these beings. These monuments include the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stone Age. He writes that ancient art and culture always has mention of the existence of these aliens. Further different regions and religions have separate cultural practices but there is similarity among them pointing towards a common origin. In Maya mythology a figure of a seated astronaut is seen which is believed to be their ruler. These aliens might have ruled the earth back then. Zecharia Sitchin in the Earth Chronicles writes that in Sumerian texts fifty Anunnaki inhabitants of a planet named Nibiru are mentioned who came to earth 400,000 years back. He argues that these were thought to be Gods by them. They came to earth for mining and created the ‘Homo Sapiens’ for their convenience. Robert Temple in his book ‘The Sirius Mystery’ gives an account of Dogon people of the northwestern Mali who gave an account of alien visit 5000 years ago.
Hopi cave drawings of Kachinas have evidence with star people. Paleolithic cave paintings are also an evidence. Wondjina in Australia are said to have resemblance to present day astronauts. It is argued that dome shaped heads were possibly space people wearing helmets. The ancient Nazca Lines which are hundreds of huge ground paintings in the desert of Peru show stylish animals and human figures huge in size. These stretched lines are argued to be runways of ancient spacecrafts. In Egypt the Saqqara Bird and Colombia-Ecuador have resemblance to modern planes and gliders. Ahu Tongariki near Rano Raraku show human figures differently with a large head. These are believed to be built by the aliens. The megalithic ruins of Giza Pyramids and others show the technological advancements during that age. Even today these cannot be replicated so it’s evidential that extraterrestrial beings might have existed who had supernormal powers. The Paracas skull in the museum of Peru is a physiologically manipulated structure. These skulls were given by the ancient people to their children. It is argued that this was given to emulate extraterrestrial masses who were regarded as God. According to some the people who were owners of the biggest skulls may be human-extraterrestrial hybrids.
In Hindu religious texts we often find that the God’s can time travel and have supernormal powers. We find the mention of flying vehicles and chariots. These were used during the 5000 or 4000 BCE. Even we have the mention of flying horses used by the kings. In Ramayana we have the mention of ‘Pushpak Rath’ which travels with the speed of one’s thought and can resize depending on the situation. Rama and Ravana often used it. Secondly if we take ‘Garur’ the ‘Vahan’ or vehicle of Lord Vishnu we know that he can fly at a very high speed in the air and even all the ‘Devas’ have these ‘vahanas’ who can fly. This brings us to the concept of flying jets and spacecrafts nowadays. The ‘Vanaras’ like Hanuman or Jamuvant could fly with the speed of the air. Thus they can be called the extraterrestrial beings that lived on the earth some thousand years back.
We have the tale of Revati in Mahabharata who came from a different time and space. She was huge in size with renewed age. Even we have the mention of Arjuna and Bheem who travelled in flying chariots to abode. Another possible argument can be most of the characters from these religious texts were either the incarnations of Gods or the sons of God so we are brought to the concept that humans are the descendents of these extraterrestrial beings who once existed. There are theories that say that Lord Shiva came from a different universe where time went differently.
In the Vedas we have the mention of different ‘Kal-Chakra’ on various planes of existence and probably that’s why these beings lived for thousands of years where as in earth generations passed. In ‘Puranas’ this is said that these powers can be attained by ‘Siddhis’ and many great sages attained these who lived for years without losing their youth. There are texts which mark the coming of Gods to the earth and perform superhuman deeds like the establishing of the twelve Jotirlingas. If we talk of the Kedarnath temple then it’s unbelievable that such a temple was created thousands of years ago at such an elevated height. This required superhuman powers which might have been brought by these aliens. We have writings which say that Shiva himself came to earth and constructed these.
Theologizes argue that the coming of these extraterrestrial beings was interpreted by the ancient people to be divine powers. It is believed that religions originated from these theologies and the gate of heaven is probably a gateway between the earth and other worlds. The ancient Kailash temple in Manas Sarovar has been created by cutting the mountain from top to bottom. It is an magnificent work of art which is near to impossible for normal human beings. Theorists argue that this was created with the help of outer world beings or probably by them. There are evidences of Gods marrying humans and even Goddess Parvati was a human but she married Lord Shiva who is the God of Gods. Later she transformed into Mahakaali. She is thought to be the incarnation of ‘Adishakti’. This brings out the concept of human alien hybrid probably which present day humans are.

Well as science is advancing it is quite likely that in the near future humans will be sent to space to form own colonies. This will be mainly because the earth will cease to be a dwelling place for the peaceful residence of the humans. Civilizations are subject to obliterate and in the coming future even the present civilization on this earth will be destroyed. We have the mention of this in Vedas that ‘Yugas’ rotate and as one ‘Yuga’ comes to an end, the civilizations destroy with it. Similarly with the end of ‘Kali-Yuga’ or the modern age, the human civilizations will destroy but since the earth will continue to exist hence new civilizations will be formed probably in the ‘Staya-Yuga’ and this cycle will rotate. This is the reason why it is mentioned in the ‘Puranas’ that one ‘Brahmanda’ or universe is destroyed every Brahma year and a new universe is formed. So similarly when new civilizations will be shaped, they will have to start innovating things from the core level. During this time the humans who were staying in space, might be fascinated to come back to earth to see the new civilization. During their stay in outer space, due to different magnetic field and time frame, their size will be different (taller) than normal human and they will have the ability to communicate with neuron to neuron without talking, access to technology, gadgets which will help them to do “magic”.
So when they arrive on earth, they are likely to have more powers from technological advancements and the works that would be very difficult for man, would be much easy for these people. They would be impossible to kill as they would have advanced spacesuits and space craft.
Example: think of kid in Earth, who is aged about 5, he saw one of this “human” whom he thinks as “god”, and again after 70 years he saw the same person looks as it is, like “space travelers” age didn’t change, would think that “they” are “immortal”, it’s possible because the same “human” traveled back to space and the travelling time for him might be few days, but for Earth rotation it’s different, may be few years. In “Sindhu” mythology we saw several examples like this, today’s world can define them as nano-tech, satellite, test-tube baby etc. Very obviously the primitive people who even do not have the basic supplies will believe them to be God as the tasks done by them would seem magical to the less or practically no advanced people. As they would be space/time-travelers so they would be huge in size.
A similar concept is found in the Egyptian mythologies where the Gods are portrayed as huge humans.
Demi Gods: Hence these Gods or Space-humans give rise to human-God hybrids or Demi-gods. In Puranas as well these demi-gods are present like Arjuna, Bheema or Karn. We see Kunti getting a boon from sage Durbasa and she can bear children by the Mantra given to her. Whenever she chants the mantra she can have children from the Devas. Arjun is the son of Indra dev. He had more powers than a normal human being and probably this concept will arise in future again where we might have the Vanaras or these Demi-Gods coming up. Subsequently bringing science and mythology together we can find the similarity of the past with the future.
Time in Space: Since time goes on slowly in space these people would not grow in age whereas millennia will pass on earth. To understand this we must take a look into how time goes on in space. It’s depicted in the Vedas.In Vedas one Vedha that is 100 Truti is equal to c.a. 30 ms. There are lot many calculations defining the ‘Kal-Chakra’. Fifteen days is equal to one Paksha( fortnight). The Paksha popularly called the brighter lunar cycle is day for Pitrus or deceased ancestors and darker lunar cycle is their night. Muhurat is a Vedic unit which measures time. A 24 hour day and night contains 30 muhurtas. Each duration is of 48 minutes further dividing into 30 Kala.
According to legends human one year is equal to one day in Heaven on the basis that 15 Jan- 15 July when sun rises inclined towards the north-east is believed to be day for gods and the rest 6 months when sun rises inclined towards the south-east is said to be their night. According to these calculations the Kali-Yuga is 432,000 human years long. A cycle of 4 Yugas is referred to as a Maha Yuga. Every year of Brahma has 360 days and we are in the 51st year of our present Brahma. According to Vedas Brahma creates during the day and at night he rests. During this time all creation is absorbed back to him. So our life span is only a day of Brahma. If we go to calculations then each day or Kalpa is equal to 14 Manvantaras. We are now in Sweta Varaha Kalpa and Vaivasvata Manvantara. Based on these calculations the age of Yugs is calculated. According to this 50 years have passed for Brahma and we are in his 51st year. Even modern science puts forward the same theory and after a certain span of years civilizations wipe out by natural means and time goes on slowly in space due to the lack of gravitational force.
Back to story: Hence naturally the people who saw them as a kid would grow aged or probably die but these people will remain same thus bringing us to the concept of ‘Amrit‘. We know that in the Puranic age ‘Maha Sagar Manthan’ took place to give ‘Amrit’ to the Devas. This was mainly a measure to become immortal. Same way in future these people would like to become immortals and probably ‘Amrit’ will again come up. ‘Amrit’ is not something that makes man or Devas undying but makes them free from all diseases and keeps them at a renewed age. ‘Mrit-Sanjeevni’ was given to ‘Asuras’. It had the power to cure any disease. Well the whole concept of ‘Devas’ and ‘Asuras’ is created on this. In battle both of them die but the winning side is always the ‘Devas’ so they are worshipped. This does not mean that the ‘Devas’ did not have any vices, they too did wrong multiple times but this is a rule of the universe that the victorious are heroes. So by this we can come to a possible concept that ‘Devas’ are humans who went in space and came back on the earth years after.
The Almighty does not need to fight or he does not have any pride as he is eternal, he has no end. This envious nature of establishing superiority is of humans and very possibly in the near future we would have these space-people coming up with hi-tech tools whom the primal people would be thinking as ‘Devas’ and worshipping them. We can find evidence in the pre-historic time sculptures where astronaut like figurines was made in Wondjina, Australia. So probably in the vicinity of near future we would be able to sketch the journey from mythology to science and have a parallel world with these extraterrestrial inhabitants or perhaps ‘God’.