June 14, 2020

A deep talk on Kunti and the God’s boon

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Our epic Mahabharata is noted for much scientific advancement. Some of these are rare even today. It can leave you surprised and one such incident is the birth of Pandavas. Kunti or Preeta was adopted as a daughter by king Kuntibhoja. She was asked to serve sage Durvasa who was very powerful and was known for his rage. Kunti served him very diligently and with utmost devotion. Sage Durvasa was very pleased by her dedication and granted her a mantra by which she can evoke any God and bear children equal to the power of Gods. Out of enthusiasm and immature temperament she tried to test the power of the boon. So let’s explore our greatest epic Mahabharata and its  most astonishing incidents that will make you think twice.  

Birth of Karna:  Kunti thrilled and very inquisitive invoked the Sun God.  The Sun God came before her. Then Kunti realized that being a maiden she would have to face the penalty of bearing an infant. She pleaded to Sun God to pardon her and leave but the Sun God did not concur to go devoid of gratifying the reason of his call as it was disgraceful for a Deva to do so. However he granted her another boon to remain a maiden even after the birth of the infant. Thus by the elegance of the Sun Karna was born. Kunti petrified of her dishonor placed the child in a basket and floated the basket in the Ganges River. Adhiratha and his wife Radha, found it and named him Vasusena later known as Karna. Thus Karna became a charioteer in spite of being a prince and was subjected to various dishonors.

The Birth of Pandavas:   Emperor Pandu whilst hunting wild animals killed two deer by arrows in their intimate time. The deer were in reality an astute and his spouse who had morphed their body. For this unthinkable work of homicide the sage cursed King Pandu to die if he ever holds any lady. Thus the king and the queens remained childless. One day not able to bear the distress of her husband, Kunti told king Pandu that she had a boon. Pandu overjoyed by the account, requested her to have a child. They first evoked the god of Dharma that is Yam raj and had Yudhistira who was as righteous as Yam himself. Then they prayed to wind god and had Bheema who was very powerful. Finally they had Arjuna from Lord Indra, the thunder god. Arjuna was a great warrior. Kunti passed on this mantra to Madri and she had two sons Nakula and Sahadeva from the twin Ashwini Kumars. Such miraculous was the birth of Pandavas. So the Pandavas were all demigods that is human-god hybrids wit extraordinary powers.

Scientific overview: There is a huge medical science behind the birth of Pandavas. The birth of Pandavas was a scientific phenomenon of reproductive endocrinology.  The origin of Pandavas was perhaps the earliest cases of reproductive science and Pseudocyesis. The confinement of Pandavas is also an instance of parthenogenesis which means androgynous reproduction from an ovary without fertilization which is common in plants. Even today after so many decades of Mahabharata, parthenogenesis in humans cannot be performed successfully because of the immature fetus but it’s quite unbelievable that was performed so easily in such an ancient age. The Pandavas can also be called test-tube babies. The Devas placed a matured fetus in Kunti’s womb externally.  Let’s take a look how test-tube babies are born:

Birth of test tube babies: If any woman cannot become a mother by natural means, they can take help of medical science and have a test tube baby. It is also called in virto fertilization by which the fetus is matured outside mother’s body in a laboratory bowl and then placed back in the mother’s womb. This is similar to the manner Kunti had sons from the God’s boon without any intimacy or bearing in the womb.

It’s unbelievable that science was so advanced during 5000 BCE. Hermaphrodite reproduction which is even not possible in the 21st century was a common phenomenon back in those times. So the Pandavas were all test-tube babies and perhaps from parthenogenesis. These advancements sometimes leave the modern science dazed. So whether test-tube babies or asexual reproduction, all was innovated and even successfully carried out ages before and probably we need to travel a long way more to get a hold of those technologies. Supernatural powers or scientific advancements, the occurrences are astonishing and worth to be thankful for.

So it’s time we take pride in our antique cultures and start respecting it more. Keep following us to stay updated. We will be back soon with more startling articles. Stay safe and have a nice day.