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July 1, 2020

Rod, The Russian God- Just like our Brahma?

By admin

The Russian mythology is quite similar to our myths. It dates back to the pre Christian times. This makes it more thrilling to undertake the journey of the Russian Gods. The relationship of two diverse mythologies is so soothing. Rod was the Russian god of creation. The analogous link between Rod and Brahma is quite remarkable. So let’s take this ride of two completely diverse yet similar cultures.

History: Rod was the creator of the whole universe. According to legends, he was self created. He was a bud trapped in egg amidst the darkness of the universe. Then he created the goddess of love, Lada. The shell automatically broke and love came out. Thus the universe was created. Rod comes from the word rozhanitsa which is a Slavic word meaning origin. In modern language it also means kin. Rozhanitsa is a woman in childbirth. He created the earth by cutting his umbilical cord and separated the heavenly waters from the oceans. He put the land amidst them creating the mother earth. He is the creator of all gods and Celestial bodies. From his cheeks the sun was created, the moon from his breasts, the stars from his eyes, from his forehead the sunrise and sunset and night from his thoughts. He is the monotheistic god of the Slavic religion. After finishing his aim, Rod stopped to appear as God and into the matters of God. However he remained in the universe and the heart of the nature. The nouns of the Slavic religion are from the root word Rod. He was even the god of fertility and later represented in Christianity as well. He also represented the unity of ancestors. During the birth ceremony of a child, sacrifices are made in his name. In some versions, he is also known as Krodo. He was said to be the only god of the Slavs. His statue is similar to that of Saturn where the local people worshipped him. He is represented with a wheel in his hand.

Link with Hindu Mythology: As we have already mentioned that Rod was much similar to our Brahma. Both were the creators. Most significantly the mention of umbilical cord arouses interest. Brahma was born from the umbilical cord of Vishnu. Analogously Rod also cut his umbilical cord to create the earth. Brahma does not involve much into the matters of the gods and earth. But he is present in all forms. Similarly Russian god Rod also stopped taking part in the matters of the Cosmos after his creation was finished. But still he was present in all forms. Though much is not known about the Slavic religion but still it finds an important link with the Hindu mythology. In Southern Slavs Rod is also known as Parabog meaning pre-god. Similarly in Hindu mythology, Brahma is called pre-god or Pitamaha. Goi Rode Goi is the album named after him in the neo-pagan folks. Similarly Brahma Purana is the book named after Lord Brahma. So this again brings us to the idea of a singular god during the pre historic era.

The echo of science behind it: The creation of the universe by Rod is similar to the big bang theory of the universe. According to the theory, the universe began from one singular point and then expanded. It is believed to be still stretching. Similarly Rod cut his umbilical cord and made the whole cosmos extending from a single point. This proves that the Slavs were quite advanced in Cosmology. They worshipped all forces of the universe. Even they were well developed in astrophysics and knew about the existence of different planets.  They had figurines resembling the planet Saturn. This is also analogous to the worship of Saturn in the Hindu mythology. Thus quite believably these primal people were great scientists.

The Rosette symbol: The symbol of the Russian god Rod was Rosette. The symbol is a wheel like structure much similar to our Chakra. This is quite notable as well. The symbol Rosette has a lot of similarities to the Hindu mythology Chakra or the time wheel. It is indicative of the fact that Rod was the controller of time. The Chakra in Hindu mythology stands for the centre of psychic forces representative of power and influence. Rod was equally a influential god of extreme power. He was the centre of all Slavic rituals and beliefs. Isn’t it very heart throbbing to find a close similarity between two diverse cultures?!!!

So this was the story of two physically distinct but ideologically similar cultures who perhaps worshiped the same God but with different names . This ride was of our ancient world which proudly was unity in diversity. Stay connected with us for more such out of the box articles. We again will be back to take your breath away. Stay safe and healthy.